People are engaged in our emails when they feel that someone - not "some company" - is talking to them

This requires to find a brand voice. A tone that is very unique to you and in total harmony with your mission.

Become your character

You, or the person in charge of writing your online campaigns (marketing emails, Facebook posts, newsletters...) may be a good writer, but will probably find it difficult, sometimes, to keep this distinctive brand voice all along.

Here are 2 tips to help you/them do so:

Begin with a sentence that perfectly nails down your tone and the emotion you are trying to convey. Write it at the top of the page and go back to it every time you need to find inspiration in your brand voice.

- Another useful exercise is to find examples of brands that use the kind of tone that you like, to get instant inspiration. As human beings, we tend to mimic a lot. So it is only natural to render a certain kind of voice when we immerse ourselves in a text.

Are you Obama or Coco Chanel?

If your mission includes adventurous disruption, read the Uber blog or an Obama speech.

If your personality is more focused on style and beauty, get inspired by the emails of General Assembly or the Warby Parker blog.

“Style begins the way fashion begins: somebody admires how the other man dresses and adapts it for himself.”
- John Lukacs

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