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Would you fit my company?

Startups attract a lot of curious minds, but there's real talent in being able to attract the people that fit your culture best.

Here are 2 startups, with totally different mindsets, that do the job really well:

  • Airbnb's job descriptions are all about the passion and the good laughs you'll have with your colleagues.
  • Uber's are more about the vision and the hard work you'll need to do to make it come to life.

Let me be more specific

Here is how, in storytelling language, they share their respective company culture to hire marketing and communications professionals. See how the carefully chosen words and the vivid metaphors make all the difference:

"We are Airbnb’s storytellers. The Marketing team is responsible for sharing the Airbnb love around the world. We create the content that moves our users to laughter and tears. We’re accountable for the social, partnership, and distribution networks that spread the good word about Airbnb. We bring the spirit of joy, authenticity, and sharing of our product to our users, and we bring our users’ passion, insights, and dreams to our product. We’re the type of people who are struck by creative ideas in the middle of the night and can’t wait to share them."

"Here at Uber, we’ve developed a game-changing technology platform that allows users to request quality, on-demand car service with a touch of their smartphone in 250 cities around the world. We’re proud of the service we provide to consumers, the opportunity that affords drivers, the impact on cities and the exciting and revolutionary way we go about doing it all. That’s a story we love telling – and we’re looking for an experienced, creative, and dynamic content strategist to join our team and lead the development of owned content to tell the Uber story."

Logically, you shouldn't expect people applying to Airbnb to also apply to Uber. And vice-versa.

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