Writing a blog is often recommended to generate traffic on a website. Honestly, it's a bad idea if you don't love to: 

  1. write,
  2. spend time looking for appealing and original stories,
  3. engage in a conversation with your users commenting on your posts.

Are you a natural born writer?

On the other hand, it's a good idea if you are one of those persons. Or have enough budget to hire awesome people to do it. 

If you fall into the 1st category, look for amazing freelance writers by looking into publications you love.

If you fall into the 2nd: work your hooks, make it personal and check your information twice!

"Online, odds are most people won’t finish what they read. Content should clearly inform the audience from the beginning."

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"Since most freelancers can handle more than one opportunity at a time, there's nothing wrong with reaching out to ones who are writing for other publications. Hey, that's free market capitalism."

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