What is a consumer trend?

A consumer trend is when an external change (a new technology, a social change, an attitudinal change) unlocks a new way to serve a fundamental human need (the need for safety, love, human connection, values, etc.).

Game-changing innovations are the sign that a consumer trend has emerged. They're all the more important to identify that they set new expectations from consumers in all industries. Think of the "one-touch-of-a-button instant service" à la Uber, for instance, that has spread in the coaching industry, the food industry or the repairing industry.

TrendWatching gave a very interesting webinar about 2016 trends (they're still relevant, believe me). 

Even if you're still a startup or a young company, I recommend you to listen to it. Not to help you anticipate the future because YOU are building the future. But to identify the trends you're riding and therefore: 

  • convince an investor or a partner they're betting on the right horse
  • identify how the successful companies that are riding the same trend are communicating on it or actually selling it.
  • find innovative marketing ideas.

2016 Mega Trends

loudstory storytelling 2016 trends

For 1 hour, the webinar explores a few of their 16 trends, with appealing names such as "Status seekers", "Betterment", "Fuzzinomics" or "Pricing Pandemonium".

Status Seekers reflect the trend where people don't look for big cars, premium watches or it-bags to feel important anymore. Their status lies not in things because everybody can easily have access to it. They find status in who they are, who they are connected to, in their skills, their knowledge, their ethics or their sensibility.

HelpFull is a trend about better service, about serving people, making their life easier, faster, more efficient. Brands embracing this trend don't seek to be "omnichannel", but try to be where people need them, when they need them. Which Trendwatching calls "contextual omnipresence".

The webinar also gives examples on Better Business (all about ethics), Ubitech (tech that helps people make truly smart decisions), Pricing Pandemonium (delivering real value for the price they have to pay) and Youniverse (personalization that lets people access something that reflects who they are).