Doing good is good

At the core of my belief in the power of storytelling lies the demand for benevolence in today’s world. We feel that something has got to change to make the world a better place and we think we are not alone, so we decide to just do it. We are confident that a certain amount of people out there will feel the same and could be the customers of our product or service. 

When we begin, we are not a company, we are people willing to do good to other people. 

Being true is scary

But therein lies the rub: to a certain extent, communicating our vision means to expose ourselves, truthfully. And this can be scary because it could mean:

  • Showing your true self -> what if they didn't like what they see?
  • Being ruthless -> what if I offended someone?
  • Being original -> what if they were not ready for this?
  • Being different -> what if they preferred my competitors?
  • Being prototypal -> what if they liked the standard version better?

Be an artist

The reasoning is basically that if you take the risk to put some people off, it means you could lose potential customers. I understand. But this is also true:

  • When you begin, your audience is so little that you’re in the unique position to experiment. This will never happen later when you start having a few customers.
  • People respond more strongly to uniqueness than to "usualness". At the very least, you’ll stand out from the crowd.
  • People are more likely to tell their friends about something truly different, than about something that feels commonplace.
  • A story feels good if it feels sincere. Sincerity rises from a hidden place inside of yourself. Otherwise, you’ll remain a voice among others.

When you’re beginning, you have to reach out to the artist inside of yourself. Or at least try.