Connect with your audience

In TV shows like The Voice, professionals evaluate if the candidates are ready to conquer a wide audience.

Like entrepreneurs, these wannabes chase a dream: to become famous, express a talent, share something they feel important. 

When you pay attention to how the jury justifies their choice, it's almost never about having a nice voice or a good technique. It’s about whether something "happens". And it does when the aspirant is able to connect with the audience

How does an entrepreneur connect with its own audience? Listen to the pros’ words of wisdom.

Why it "happens"

"You were accurate and generous in what you offered. Everything was consistent." 

"You sing truly. You manage to transform your flaws into your own signature."

"You brought something new to this song that made us rediscover it."

"Your lack of experience allowed you to go on the wild side.

"You've got an energy and a presence that are as important as a voice." 

"We all have different opinions about your performance, which is a good sign: it means there is an interesting mystery about you." 

"I liked that it was not "clean". You were not trying to please everyone." 

"It's simple. It's sincere. It's authentic." 

Why it does not "happen"

"You seem lazy: you don't give much emotion. It lacked intensity.

"You were not enough focused on your performance."

"You always use the same effects which makes it too predictable."

"There wasn’t enough nuances, which made it hard to appreciate the song."

"I miss a little bit of madness."

Now look at your brand and evaluate it truthfully. Is your brand:

  • original
  • sincere
  • consistent
  • human
  • opened
  • maybe a bit wild

Could your brand become The Voice? 


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