Don't make them feel cheap

The question I’d like to address today is whether cheap prices make for a good story. Should you use it as a hook on your website or present it only in the Pricing section?


My opinion is that cheap prices are a good sales point, but that they shouldn't be presented as the prime mission of the company. Even Amazon don’t make it their top-of-mind argument. Amazon's mission is to let you find anything you want in one single place, with the best customer experience, including easy search, fast delivery and… cheap prices.

The thing to keep in mind is that people want to hear a story that makes them feel good about themselves. Addressing higher values. Which means they don’t want to be reminded that they can’t afford more expensive (or qualitative) stuff. Once again, I’m not saying low prices are not an effective sales point. I’m saying they should be the cherry on the cake. 

The Crew case study

I won't tell you again how Airbnb went from the tagline "Forget hotels" (i.e. house exchange are cheaper) to "Welcome home". Because I already have in this video.

I’d like to use another meaningful example: Crew. It's a platform where you can find talented web designers and developers from all over the world. Of course, the service is cheaper than an agency since they give you access to freelancers with incomparably lower charges. But the idea can also be scary: how to trust someone you'll never meet (the whole collaborative process is online) and who was not recommended by a trustworthy third party. 


As you can see in the screenshot above, Crew started with a hook on prices: "Work with the best designers and developers without breaking the bank". But they decided recently to change it to emphasize creativity: "You've got ideas. We've got talent. Let's talk".



Because, in the end, that’s what the founder truly believes in: there are plenty of very talented people all over the world and he wants to give you access to them. Very simply, Mikael Chow wants creativity to be "the native currency".