Please, love me

Everybody wants to be loved. But rarely do we ask ourselves why people should love us.

In our personal lives, when looking for a relationship, we are often told to "stay ourselves", meaning to not try and please every guy or girl passing by. People are attracted by something unique about us.

On the other hand, they are repelled by any behavior that feels overly artificial. Honestly, this word of wisdom can be hard to apply when you're desperately looking for loving arms ;)

Give me a reason to love you

In business, the story is pretty much the same. Yet we often look for ways to charm quickly, with bargain offers or tempting rewards. It may work for a while... only until the competition offers a cheaper price or a free lunch. Like they say, "money can't buy me love".

Building a business relationship that's meant to last deserves more than a wink and a smile. 

As Bernadette Jiwa, a renowned storyteller, puts it, "working hard to make people say your work is great, is not the same as doing great work."

Before asking people to pay attention and 'like' your page, pay attention to them and like them. Give them a reason to love you by showing how hard you work for them.

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