Edit (02/29/16): Shyp has sadly removed its original explainer video, which makes this article less useful. Their new video (here) is more stylish but not as impactful - to me at least. On the other hand, the website is less cold. I'll let you the judge of it.


As I was looking into the latest SXSW Interactive program to find inspiration for the title of my next conference (their titles are really well crafted), I found Shyp

The program praised their storytelling talent and described them as a startup "putting color in the cheeks of the 220-year-old shipping industry by leveraging the popularity of the on-demand economy."

So I ran to their website... and found this:

wOw. No "Welcome home" or "Everyone's private shipper". No inspiring pictures of happy deliveries or smiling faces. Nothing! :(

The rest of the website being as short, clean and descriptive, I inevitably went back to the top and clicked on the white little arrow, hoping to dig up the nugget. 

That's when I finally dived into their story and wanted to use the product! **Sigh**