To follow up with my previous blog post, I'd like to give you today two examples of brands who were able to let the craziness of their founders show on their website, still being able to look reliable.

Men are crazy

Picture (in Engen Fr) is the archetype of the "male" website.

The company sells organic clothing for the outdoor. The founders are three French friends who, apparently, didn't want to have traditional jobs after graduation and decided to have fun.

What I like about the website:

  • The images are daring. They create an atmosphere that's rarely seen in fashion. The founders are not (all) good-looking but they have the audacity to use themselves as models, which creates even more empathy with the users.
  • They mix craziness and family values. Unlike a lot of sportswear brands, they don't value individual performances or adventure. They admit that it can be fun to share a great adventure with your dad (see the About section) and consider their users as part of their family (see the Family section).

Women are crazy

TheFrenchKiss (in Engen Fr) is the archetype of the "female" website. 

The brand sells t-shirts and underwear with a recognizable red lipstick kiss on them. It was created by Agathe, a French girl who thinks the French Kiss can save the world. I agree, it's a bit cheesy and frankly, I don't like the clothes. But I'll admit the way she tells her story on the website is pretty convincing.

  • The About section is fun to browse in, with 3 sections to open, called "What's the F... K..." (the benefits of the clothes), "Agathe, First kisser" (about the founder) and "Why The French Kiss" (the purpose of the brand). It's written with an authentic style and a lot of quirky jokes.
  • The Social media section is Funky. It's actually the smart name Agathe gave to this traditional section. Sometimes an awkward name just gives the good impression you need, even though the content isn't that funky. At least, you made them spend more time with you.