Getting personal is scary

There’s obviously a very intimate reason why, as individuals, we fall in love with a story.

Like I said in a previous post, I’m very much hooked by companies that talk to me in the first person - but only if I feel that the speech is grounded in their unique experience and vision. Even more so, if the experience is both crazy and serious.

I know entrepreneurs are looking for a+b recipes. Most of the time because they don’t have the time to think. And because it’s scary to talk about oneself. "What if people didn’t like me?" Childhood memories, right?

Let me inspire you with a funny example. The story is about Harry and Sam, two geeky Brits who, straight out of Eaton, decided to team up and create… jelly sculptures. They named their company after their own family names: Bompas & Parr.

Balance Crazy with Serious

Their website is very well thought because:

  • The Homepage is straightforward: you enter by project, with an easy access to the most classic sections (About, Shop, Contact, Newsletter).
  • But the design is NOT straightforward: they use fascinating photos and captivating titles ("Romancing the armpit", "Clouded judgements", "Alcoholic architecture").
  • The About section tells the story of the creative studio but includes elements of the two founders (not the other way around - a good way to seem less self-centered).

Look at this video to know more about this crazy work only Brits can invent (which hopefully the Brexit will never change).

Next time, I’ll share the example of a less personal company to convince you that it can be done with any product or service.