Sometimes a clean image and a powerful message are worth 1000 explanations.

Especially if the heart of your mission is about making people's lives easier.

And your aesthetic sensibility is drawn to minimalism.

Take a look.

A designer's website


A banking app
Values: "Focus, simplicity, no compromise."


A car insurance app
Moto: "Insurance in black and white."


A workspace products website
Mission: "We're OCDesk and we’re all about keeping your workspace as clean, simple and minimal as possible. Beginning with your desk. And ending with your desk. And yes, we’re a little obsessed." 


... Minimalism doesn't mean black and white.

A coworking space
About: Neuehouse is a home for the creative and the curious."


A cleaning products company
Promise: "We’re here to make products that work, for you and for the planet. it’s a tall order, but we wouldn’t want to do anything else."


... My heart beats faster, my face draws a giant smile when I see minimalism.