I’ve been growing an allergy to social media lately. Maybe it’s just a phase. Maybe I’m really getting old and blasé and can’t get in touch with my teenage self anymore - the part that's thrilled about anything new, cute or gross. 

But there is still a part of me that can be roused: that’s when I see a good picture. Usually on Instagram, where the text is so small it bothers me the least.

What is a good picture?

Considering the case of brands using Instagram to promote their company and products, at what point can we say their pictures are "good"?

I would say when they're about the emotional experience they aim at and not just about the product they sell (actually, the least about the product, the best). And when the perspective they share with us is truly unique

The uniqueness of Uber

I think Uber does it really well. With their hashtag #TakeMeThere, you know their mission is to make transportation as reliable as running water. But they don’t showcase cars, drivers, routes or clients - or even running water ;) Their most recurring theme is sharing amazing shots of places you wish you could go to. The perspective is modern, sleek, inspiring. They manage to avoid the clichés attached to each city, or they play with them.

Look at the way they make you experience Copenhagen as elegant, Dubai as mesmerizing, Australia as quirky, Hong Kong as radiant, or San Francisco as dreamy. Uber is a mentor in the purest sense: it inspire its users to chase their dreams.