Make them feel the magic

A good copy reflects your brand personality and your vision. Harder said than done. Sometimes a good example can reactivate your desire to do better. Let’s examine the website of Monsieur Moustache.

It’s a trendy shoe maker for men and women. Their personality is vintage, elegant, formal and witty. It’s not original (see Le Slip français) but very well executed. Their mission is to reinvent old time classics and make them appealing to the contemporary user.

Their wording makes you feel like you've entered a very consistent universe with strong values. A few examples:

  • Their blog is called Le Calepin, an old-fashioned word for notebook.
  • They have a sales section that’s called "Presque vintage", almost vintage.
  • Each shoe model is called by an old-fashioned high-class first name, like René, Eugénie or Louis.
  • They use outdated words like "soulier" for shoe, "chausser" for putting on your shoes, "échoppe" for shop.
  • The typical Men and Women sections are called "Monsieur" and "Madame" which could be translated as "Mister" and "Madam" or "Sir" and "Lady".
  • Before stating the advantages of shopping online (free delivery, free return…), they tell you "Soyez sans crainte", a very formal way to say rest assured.

Every section must be aligned


Besides their story section, which is totally aligned with the rest, I was pleased to see they added a feature that makes their promise go beyond just words: unlike most shoe brands, their models have a ready-made protection so you don’t have to go to the shoemaker (they use the old-fashioned word cobbler) to add one. Here is how they put it, in a Ready to wear special section: 

"Three days sliding across each square centimeter of the carpet, three days avoiding the slightest puddle of water... Three long days before dropping off your shoes at the cobbler for repairs. Our lifestyle has changed and it was about time our shoes, even the most dressy, adapt to our every move.

With M. Moustache, no more need to go to the cobbler after buying a pair. All of our shoes are ready to wear! All soles, whether in rubber, neolite, or built with an integrated anti-skid plate, they are ready to accompany you from day one."

See also the team section where the titles reflect this admittedly well-mastered copywriting.