Mailchimp is a fine tool. I use it every week to build, send and promote my newsletter. But until recently I didn't see the company as particularly exciting.

I noticed a shift in their tone last December when I received an email for their 2015 annual report. I was blasted by the beauty and quirkiness of their publication.

Since April 19, they have been experimenting another original tool to create a bond with their users.

They've decided to create an online store to sell their merchandising products and use the revenue to support charities they care for. To make it even more compelling for their users, they've started telling the story of what it's like to build a new company.

Each week, Meg, the woman responsible for this project, shares her questions and doubts, and narrates the decisions she makes every step of the way. Her tone of voice is fun, direct and open.

So far she has shared:

The artistry of this approach is that it enables the company to show its users:

  • It cares for people in need (it's a charity-oriented business).
  • It cares for what many of their users go through (email marketing is often used by online stores).
  • It wants to help (they share useful insights and tips).
  • It doesn't have superpowers (they are just as hopeless as anyone starting a new business).

Ultimately, Mailchimp is the ultimate mentor!

And their day-to-day story could also be the perfect weapon to make their soon-to-open company a hit!


It's opened now!