The email was plainly titled: "New from Mailchimp." I almost didn't open it. But I was afraid to miss some useful feature from my email sender, so I did. Open it.

What I found was a lovely designed letter with some very useful content that I had actually missed.

Key takeaways

#1 You can make your customers happy and be lazy at the same time, by rearranging old content. Yeah.

#2 You should display it in the most appealing way to avoid the disappointing clamor: "Arghh it's just old content. Meh." 

Style & words worth noticing

  • "A few of our favorites" is more engaging than "In case you missed it".
  • "We're improving our app (...) every month" is a confirmation Mailchimp works hard for me. I appreciate it.
  • "Here's a collection" sounds like they're offering high-end products - as opposed to a list/best-of/checklist.
  • Last but not least: the "5 shades of grey" blocks and the tiny arrows will make a designer's heart beat faster.