Reinvent the workplace

Buffer is a startup well-known for its extreme focus on company culture. 

One of their values is transparency. A very common one in the corporate world - or so it seems.

Make the dream come true

How many CEOs go so far as to publish their own salary? Leo Widrich, a co-founder of Buffer, shares it openly (that's  $153.00 a year).

When you work on your company culture, it's crucial to be sincere, trustworthy and unique:

1) make sure you are able to live each one of your values every day at work and accept to be fully accountable for them (when an employee asks for a promotion, which value applies?).

2) choose values you think are necessary to proclaim on your market. Your values are like a manifesto: they say who you are, compared to the rest of the world. At best, they should be totally unique to you.

That's the way you create love and trust from your employees - or anyone for that matter. 

"What we really needed was a reminder that we can be nice to people while still giving honest feedback and holding each other accountable. We wanted a set of values that would challenge us to grow."

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