How do you find the right colors?

Click on the image to go to the website.

Click on the image to go to the website.

When I started doing design for clients' websites and was looking for colors, I had in mind 3 cool websites:

  • The Warby Parker blue
  • The Uber green
  • The Airbnb pink

From joyful to peaceful

This type of design is called flat. Which means it doesn't add shadows to mimic reality.


Originally, I thought "flat colors" referred to bright, joyful colors. But I've just noticed that a lot of these "cool" websites now use more muted tones, like the Typeformwebsite above, or the Unsplash green button, or these two below: Take eat easy andBuild in Amsterdam. Even Uber has now very low-key greens and blues.


I don't know what this trend means. To me, this new color trend reflects less boldness or joy and more peacefulness and gentleness.

Of course, your colors must be aligned with your tone, so only you know if it's time to go for a new color palette. 

For inspiration, you should check Flat UI Color Picker, which gives a large choice with each of the hex codes.