For decades, personas have been a reference for marketers. Describing your users' socio-demographic segment and daily habits was considered a useful tool to know how to address their actual needs.

The consumer is king, finally

The new era of storytelling marks the advent of the hero - and says goodbye to old-time personas.

The problem with personas is they make you think of your users as failures, i.e. as people who can't solve their own problems and need you to rescue them.

The power of storytelling is to make you consider your users as heroes in-the-making, i.e. as people who have the potential to achieve their real personal aspirations. Your brand is "just" a mentor willing to help them.

"I hear all the time from brand marketers who are being advised by their agencies to conduct “mood board” sessions and to brainstorm on the names of their personas. Many of these campaign-based initiatives simply fail to identify the key components of the buyer persona that you can use to define your content marketing plan."

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