Show your emotions

I have a strong appetite for emotional entrepreneurs. People with a clear gut feeling about what their peers could love but don't know yet. People who agree to be different and take you on an adventure with them. People who are not afraid to share intense feelings about why and how they built their venture.

Bo Bech is a Danish chef with such a spirit. In an interview* about his 3-star restaurant the Paustian, the man speaks with equal eloquence about... *(starts at 00:18)

Speak eloquently

The awkward location he chose

"It was very important for me to lie in a place where people had to choose me, instead of you being so lucky, just walking down the street and pop in."

The "comic book style" interior design - meaning enjoy yourself

"The thing is, when you strive to be the best at your game, in your own point of view, with your own feelings and stories, it can often tend to be a little too stiff and it can be too far away from the reality. We have to make sure that we create an ambiance where people can relax in. Because no matter how good the things are, the cutlery, whatever you have, if people are not relaxed... So I asked my friends if they could do a painting on the wall that has this playful, joyful, humor to it, and encapsulates the environment, the harbor. (...) It gives this very important message: "Smile, it doesn't need to be serious. Even though it is serious. It is about life and death. But why not enjoy it?"

The open kitchen - meaning I'm vulnerable

"The reason why I have a very open kitchen is that I like vulnerability. When you look directly in the eyes of the receiver, of the guest, it gives you a reminder that it is their important night. Tonight you have to pull yourself together. Because, unlike other artists like painters, writers or photographers, we have to recreate every dish all the time. And that's what keeps us alive.

The food - exotic and undogmatic

"I believe in what's exotic. Not exotic like in a pineapple, for example, that comes from far away. I believe exotic can also be something that's very close to you and that there are only five of them. It can be a little herb, it can be a vegetable that you can only run for three days and after that it's gone. I believe in opening your eyes to see what's around you. But on the other hand, why not use the pineapple, because it does taste fantastic. I'm not dogmatic."


Sometimes strong feelings need to be speechless

Unfortunately, The Paustian is now closed. But you can still catch a glimpse of Bo Becht's new restaurant the Geist (a German word for mind, spirit or ghost).

The About section displays a very original video (here below) crossing the spirit of Copenhagen, the people and the restaurant, through a montage of photos and music. It's a bit (too) long but it's successful in sharing a spirit without unwanted explanations.