Ira Glass is one of the most respected and talented storytellers in the US. He's been working for decades as a radio host and producer and is famous for an interview he gave on how storytelling can be so powerful, but how hard it is, at the same time, to do it well.

Because you've got good taste

To the ones who have good taste but (or "because of that") are constantly disappointed by what they write or create, here is Ira Glass' advice in 3 words: don't give up.

And here is a beautiful 2-min video that someone made out of this advice:

Now here is a quick description of the 4 parts of Ira Glass' full interview on storytelling. I promise you it's worth your time. But if you really don't want to click on those links, I've summed up a few short lessons for you.

# 1 How to use the 2 buildings blocks of a great story

1) Tell anecdotes (even boring ones) while constantly raising questions (why is this happening?) to keep the audience focused

2) Have a moment of reflection (why are you telling me this story?) to keep the audience interested.

#2 How to find a compelling story

It takes as much time to find something interesting to tell, as to actually craft it. You must kill a story when you realize it's not as good as you anticipated. Be tough about it!

#3  How to pass that horrible phase as a beginner 

... when you know what you're producing is not as good as you would like it to be? Do a huge volume of work and put yourself on a deadline.

#4 How to avoid the 2 most common mistakes

1) Don't try to sound like someone else because you think they're successful and you want to be successful too; talk like yourself, it's the best way to sound human

2) Don't be too self-centered, but don't be too shy either; a good story requires good drama and good drama requires multiple characters who will disagree with each other or laugh about each other.