Make them safe

One of the promises of storytelling is to help you connect with your customers. Not just to talk to them or persuade them to buy, but to create a feeling that you understand them deeply, that you know what their dreams are and why they’re not there yet. You want them to feel safe with you - as a hero (let’s say, Luke Skywalker) would with their mentor (Obi-Wan Kenobi).

As I put it in a talk about Airbnbstorytelling is about building love and trust with your users. 




Don't be "nice"

As a business owner, your instinct tells you to be nice to your customers. If you want to embrace the power of storytelling, you should go one step further and show empathy. What’s the difference?

Brené Brown, an author and research professor on authentic leadership makes it crystal clear in this short animated video.


3-mn video: Brené Brown on Empathy (YouTube)