When your mission is clear, it gets easier to deliver the right message. But it's also decisive to take the strategic decisions that will grow your audience.

Give them your world

Airbnb's mission is to connect people locally. A few months ago, they launched Pineapple, a lifestyle magazine that gives a voice to ordinary people providing extraordinary experiences to travelers all over the world.

This is a first step to embarking people on a great adventure from their mobile app. That's consistent, compelling and a very good tool to build a stronger community, beyond their initial hospitality service.

"A notorious brand coupled to a set of mobile services is a potent combination. In the case of Airbnb (...), it is likely to be a master tool for securing the position of a brand in its market." - Frédéric Filloux

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Check out issue #1airbnb

Edit (02/29/16): Interestingly, it appears that Airbnb never went beyond a first issue. Like with the Neighborhoods experience, it was probably good from a PR point of view but less so for the users.