What journalists might think of you

This is the bitter-sweet story of two guys who took a flight from Buenos Aires to San Francisco to disrupt the world, err the laundry industry. This is also an ironic look on the Silicon Valley frenzy, where disruption is on every single corner, written for New York Magazine in 2014.

The simple truth is that Techcrunch and the like love disruption... but the rest of the media world remains very skeptical about it. 

Remain human

I'm not saying you should be low-key when you do PR. But if you don't have a success story to tell yet (which is the easiest one to sell, of course), you should focus on the human side of the story: how your idea/product really positively affects consumers.

"Sitting in an upscale pizza restaurant in Santa Monica, the kind of place where the cuisine has been disrupted so many times it has pretty much reverted to its original state, Metzner takes a breath."

Very long read: Let's, like, demolish laundry (article)