Last week I shared a few tips on how to imagine the right format for your sales presentation. 

Make them fans, not buyers

Today I'll give you a few more to help you build an effective structure:

  • Start with the conclusion: don’t wait until the end to tell them the heart of your presentation, because you never know when they’ll stop listening. If they’re interested in the conclusion, they will want to know more about the rest (how you came to it and how they can get involved).
  • Tell your story with headlines: replace factual titles by journalist-style headlines. For example, a title like "Wealth inequalities are on a rise in America" sounds more compelling than "Income in America" (look at a pretty good example here). 
  • Make it easy to remember: give them 1 or 2 impressive figures (not 10) or real-life examples (which are always more striking than invented ones).
  • Make it simple: don’t get lost in too much information or too many facts and figures. Be disciplined and only give 1 message per slide.
  • Present clear and strong recommendations: after you've got them interested and impressed, it's time to have them act. Tell them the next steps to get involved and be part of your story.

Now, go get them!