Don't be a salesguy

It’s easy to lose the attention of an audience. Most of the time, sales presentations lack a good structure and are overloaded with information.

Like always with storytelling, you must keep in mind that the audience is the hero of the story. You must consider yourself not as a salesperson (everybody hates salespersons) but as their mentor: your job is to inspire and guide them along their journey.

HOW you communicate is as important as WHAT you communicate.


Talk about them

First, think about why you audience might NOT want to hear your presentation:

  • I don’t trust this speaker.
  • I don’t need this.
  • I already know what the speaker is going to say.

Then, think about how to OVERCOME their immediate objections and start your presentation with it:

  • "I don’t trust this speaker": start with hard facts and figures about your expertise.
  • "I don’t need this": start with their own issues.
  • "I already know what the presenter is going to say": start with an appealing story that reiterates how crucial the issue is.

All of these elements should be in your presentation but how you start depends on who you need to convince and how you think they could get convinced.

To motivate them to act, you must sell the problem and make it their problem.

Look at our next post to read a few more tips.