Today I'd like to build on my latest post about the B2B storytelling issue. I understand it can be hard to imagine a Finance or an IT manager be convinced by a funny video or a colorful website layout. 

Your first objective is to build trust.

Although rational selling points are certainly a key to make them buy your product, I would like to emphasize the importance to shift from corporate speak to a more human approach

Look at this illuminating infographic by American PR agency Hoffman agency (thanks Sylvain).

Words don't build trust alone

Public relations is where I come from. For 7 years my daily job was to convince journalists to spread the word about dull corporate topics. With words (press releases and phone calls) or experiences (events - that were also mostly about words delivered by high-ranking representatives).

Whether in a press release, a website, a marketing tool or a newsletter, words don't have to be just words. Trust isn't born from seriousness. Today more than ever, trust is the son of sincerity.

Sincerity is the love

And sincerity is built on the goodwill of the vendor to bring value to their customers: help them, inspire them, guide them, support them from point A to point Z of the experience they'll have with your company. Don't just sell. Show them the love.

In your story, the client is the hero who wants to achieve more, and you are the trustworthy mentor who will show him the way.  

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