Now that we've covered the first 3 steps of a good pitch (the audiencethe hook and the story), let's wrap-up with, well, the end.

Make a great impression

Your end is the last impression you are going to make. It's not about giving a conclusion (like in a school presentation where you summarize the different ideas you've discussed) or unveiling a deeper meaning (like in a movie when the hero realizes it's never going to be the same again).

The last impression is about the essence of the experience your product or service is supposed to create for the user. You've already spent a ton of energy and talent to help them understand what your startup is all about and how they could enjoy it. Now is the time to focus on the main message and give the final punch with:

  • a phrase that's both catchy and full of imagery (possibly a phrase that will get stuck in their heads),
  • a live experience that the audience can see or share with you on stage,
  • a twist or a loop that will echo with what you explained earlier, by making it more meaningful or profound.

Whatever the way, the audience should feel that the experience is now complete.

A good slap in the face won't hurt

For example, having advised Maxime, founder of JustDare, to hook his audience by arriving on stage with a ridiculous disguise on, to exemplify the purpose of his app (i.e. to challenge your friends), I suggested that the best end would be to finally put the participants in the shoes of a potential user by actually challenging them.

"I have only 10 seconds left and I've decided to use them to challenge you! Would you dare to make as much noise as possible to influence the jury and have me win the contest? Are you ready? 3...2...1!"

Of course, Maxime made sure a few of his friends were in the audience to encourage the crowd ;) "Better safe than sorry" is always a good philosophy.