Make them fall off their chair

Whether you're looking at a company’s website or listening to somebody's pitch, your brain is looking for comfort: it wants things to be clear, well organized, even obvious. Because your brain is lazy, it doesn’t want to make efforts that seem useless. I’ve already insisted on this: Don’t make people think.

But there’s another aspect to it: when your brain is exposed to comfort for too long… it falls asleep! So, here and there, you need to feed it with contrast, surprise, originality.

  • In a pitch: I’ve already mentioned how effective it can be to look ridiculous. In contrast with most entrepreneurs usually looking serious or inspired.
  • On a website: contrast can come from unexpected colors, bold copywriting or unseen images.

Have a look at this website by Ici On Communique. It’s the portfolio of a web designer I strongly recommend.

First, look at the text of the button: "bla bla utile" ("useful blathering"). It's quite odd - hence bold - from a website about communication! You don't need the whole website to feel awkward. Just here and there is enough.

loudstory storytelling pitch website

Now look at the picture supposed to illustrate the idea of ergonomic. More original than the usual computer picture, isn’t it? Yet the title ("Ergonomie") is simple enough to provide full comfort to you lazy mind.

loudstory storytelling website pitch

Note: The drawing used for the banner image is by Armelle Goraguer and is sold on L'Illustre Boutique (a website designed by Ici On Communique).