A friend recently sent me a clever launching campaign (sadly for the Anglophones among you, it's in French). I thought it was a perfect example of true storytelling.

It begins with a strong hook ("This t-shirt has a crazy shit story. This is a t-shirt."), then delivers a content full offunny illustrations and playful comments. And, in the end, it's an effective eye-opener to the damages caused by the industry of fast-fashion.


Make your clients fall in love

If we think again about the marketing opportunities that Valentine's Day can offer, why not just tell a good story? A tale with original characterscompelling situations and a truth that must be revealed to the world. An enlightening story about the experience of being in love, of having a date, or even of breaking up on VDay.

Remember: it doesn't have to be about your company or your product. It should be consistent with your company's mission and tone of voice, but, most importantly, it should be about your clients.

Valentine Stories

It can take many shapes:

  • a sociological story about the way love at work affects people's productivity.
  • a historical story about the way a love story once changed the course of a nation.
  • a scientific story about how certain ingredients in our food work their way to our brains to make us emotionally responsive to the person seating in front of us.

A good love story can be related to any topic: art, optics, robots, cars, computer science...

Love is such a universal trigger for big emotions, do use it to connect with your users

Think it's too late for VDay? Start thinking about Mother's Day ;)
*March 6th in the UK, May 8th in the US or India, May 29th in France.